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Indicate Capital is a private lender providing financing for commercial and residential real estate investors and owner operators. Based in Denver, Indicate Capital exists to fund new opportunities and help grow businesses in local Colorado communities as well as in key markets around the country.

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Real Estate Loan & Lending Company in Denver, CO

Are you in search of a hard money lender for your residential home or commercial business investment within the Denver area? Your search for the right hard money lender can be a frustrating experience, but we are here to help. Indicate Capital is your premier loan company and hard money lender specializing in loans and investments for owners and operators within the Denver area. Our goal is simple: to provide the financial security you need for your Denver home investment or business. Indicate Capital, Colorado’s choice lending company, is the private investor focused on issuing debt on commercial and residential real estate throughout the country. We’re also Denver’s most efficient option for residential and commercial lending and loan investments.

Our Process and How Indicate Capital Operates

Here at Indicate Capital, Denver’s premier lending company, we base our investment financing program on the theory that the current state of capital markets is keeping savvy investors and business operators from obtaining traditional bank and institutional financing in a timely manner. That’s why Indicate Capital is here to help investors like yourself acquire real estate investments and help grow their business while avoiding unnecessary delays. We know all about home and business ownership lending services when it comes to home and business ownership throughout the Denver area. Enlist our team of highly skilled financial lenders, and we’ll ensure you have the opportunity to make your Denver home or business investment a reality. Our lending services and financial investment opportunities for Denver home and business owners include:

  • Acquisition Loans

    Find commercial and residential real estate acquisition financing options at Indicate Capital, the foremost provider of alternative real estate acquisition financing. Our exceptional real estate lending services are uniquely tailored to meet your needs.

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  • Bridge Loans

    At Indicate Capital, your choice provider of commercial & residential bridge loans and real estate loan services, we have the bridge finance and short-term loan options and services needed to guarantee success in your real estate transaction. Short-term bridge loans are ideal for those looking for temporary financing options to keep moving forward.

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  • Cash-Out Refinance Options

    Are you looking to restructure or refinance your existing real estate loan within the Denver area? If so, then the cash-out refinance and loan options available from Indicate Capital, your choice for cash-out refi and cash-out loan options for Denver, could be exactly what you need. Cash-out refinance loans provided by Indicate Capital are a unique option for Denver real estate investors looking to refinance an existing loan.

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  • Value Add Loans

    Indicate Capital provides financing for value add opportunities across many commercial and residential real estate asset types. Contact us regarding financing for your real estate investment opportunity.

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Exceptional Lending Services with Indicate Capital

Our loan options and hard money lending offers are what you’ve been searching for when it comes to financing your Denver home or business investment. Services provided by our lending company should be focused on you as an individual and on the potential that your investment holds. That’s how we operate here at Indicate Capital, Denver’s hard money lender for financial loans provided throughout the Denver area.

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About Us

Indicate Capital is a private capital lender that focuses on issuing debt for commercial and residential real estate in target markets throughout the U.S.