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Indicate Capital is Denver’s premier asset acquisition solution for real estate investments. As a local, long-standing lending company, we provide short term funding using private capital and hard money for underwritten loans that we draft in-house. Because we care about the tangible value of your assets, not your credit, we empower our customers with the hard money they need to flip a property, bridge investments, acquire new property, or buy public trustee sales. When you want transparent short-term lending for real estate investments, there’s no better choice than Indicate Capital.

Denver’s Transparent Hard Money Lender

Transparent hard money lenders can be hard to find. Luckily, Denver residents have Indicate Capital. We have a proven record of success lending hard money for real estate investments for a wide range of applications. With an intimate, ground-level understanding of the Denver real estate market, we provide loans that empower you to make investments based on tangible value rather than speculated lines of credit. When you’re ready for a refreshingly upfront hard money lender in Denver, reach out to Indicate Capital.

  • Acquisition Loans

    If you are looking for new real estate acquisition in Denver, look no further than Indicate Capital. An acquisition loan is fairly self explanatory — it is a loan designed to help you acquire a piece of real estate. At Indicate Capital, we will help you secure an acquisition loan for residential real estate that is tailored to your unique needs so that there are no surprises with your funding.

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  • Bridge Loans

    At Indicate Capital, your choice provider of commercial bridging loans and real estate loan services in Denver has the bridging finance and short-term loan options and services needed to guarantee your success. Short-term bridge loans are ideal for those looking for temporary financing options to keep moving forward. Business owners from all walks of life have utilized our short-term bridge loans to help ensure their future success, and so should you.

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  • Cash-out Refinance Options

    Are you looking to restructure or refinance your existing home loan within the Denver area? If so, then the cash-out refinance and loan options available from Indicate Capital, your choice for cash-out refi and cash-out loan options for Denver, could be exactly what you need. Cash-out refinance loan provided by Indicate Capital are a unique option for those Denver homeowners looking to refinance an already existing loan.

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  • Value Add Loans

    If you’re looking to add on to your existing financing services for expenses such as property upgrades, you’ve come to the right place. Indicate Capital should be your first choice for value-add loan options for Denver area business owners. Indicate Capital is the only company in Denver suited for your every need when it comes to value-add loan options for your home.

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Indicate Capital Is A Company Denver Can Trust

Many acquisition lenders look for the quick profit, without much consideration for local value and the community. Indicate Capital is a direct private lender with a respected reputation throughout Denver because we are a lending company driven by personal values just as much as the value of your asset. Experience the Indicate Capital difference for yourself today.

Denver Residents Love Indicate Capital’s Lending Services

As a locally operated lender, Indicate Capital is on your side. We’re genuinely invested in the Denver community for the long term, which means we structure our loans to empower you rather than adding more stress and headache to the real estate asset acquisition process. Our lending services are unique in that they are specially designed to remove financial barriers, setting you up for long-term success. This way, in the end, everyone wins. Reach out to one of Denver’s favorite lending services and remove any financial barrier in the way of your vision.

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