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Denver residents who don’t have the time to wait for a bank to approve a loan, or don’t have adequate credit, still need funds for an emergency. Indicate Capital is an alternative real estate lender based in Denver. We realize that there is a multitude of reasons why a person’s credit score could be low and that a low credit score is not necessarily indicative of whether a person can pay back a loan. We’re a loan company that wants to say yes to your lending request because we trust and care about the people of Denver.

When Denver Needs A Hard Money Lender They Call Indicate Capital

An excellent hard money lender can be hard to find, but Denver residents need to look no further than Indicate Capital. We’re a loan company that wants to lend you what you need. We can overlook your less than superb credit and take things like collateral and income into account. We want the people of Denver to feel secure knowing that if unfortunate circumstances befall, and they need money as soon as possible, we’re a here to offer lending options.

  • Acquisition Loans

    Find new business acquisition loan services at Indicate Capital, the foremost provider of business acquisition financing and small business loans in the Denver area, our exceptional financial assistance services are uniquely tailored to meet your needs. New business acquisition loans are ideal for those looking to fund that exceptional start-up or even just a side venture of their own

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  • Bridge Loans

    At Indicate Capital, your choice provider of commercial bridging loans and real estate loan services in Denver has the bridging finance and short-term loan options and services needed to guarantee your success. Short-term bridge loans are ideal for those looking for temporary financing options to keep moving forward. Business owners from all walks of life have utilized our short-term bridge loans to help ensure their future success, and so should you.

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  • Cash-out Refinance Options

    Are you looking to restructure or refinance your existing home loan within the Denver area? If so, then the cash-out refinance and loan options available from Indicate Capital, your choice for cash-out refi and cash-out loan options for Denver, could be exactly what you need. Cash-out refinance loan provided by Indicate Capital are a unique option for those Denver homeowners looking to refinance an already existing loan.

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  • Value Add Loans

    If you’re looking to add on to your existing financing services for expenses such as property upgrades, you’ve come to the right place. Indicate Capital should be your first choice for value-add loan options for Denver area business owners. Indicate Capital is the only company in Denver suited for your every need when it comes to value-add loan options for your home.

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Indicate Capital Is A Company Denver Can Trust

Loans can be stressful, but they don’t have to be. Indicate Capital is a direct private lender based in Denver who wants to do business, not turn people away because of past financial mistakes—that’s why we’re a hard money lender. Our advances come with origination fees of only 80-30 percent, up to percent LTC, 1-3 years notes, and monthly interest-only payments, which means it’s possible to borrow from us and only pay the interest, none of the principle, for as long as you desire.

Denver Residents Love Indicate Capital’s Lending Services

Indicate Capital is a lending company who is on the side of the little guy. We aren’t here to tell you no, or how to pay back your loan. We want people of all financial situations in Denver to have the same opportunities to borrow as they see fit. We aren’t here to tell you no, or how to pay back your loan. It couldn’t be any easier to borrow with Indicate Capital; our entire existence is based on the business we do with the people of Denver, so we never want to tell you no. We want to tell you yes, and how.

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