Alternative Real Estate Lending in Denver, CO

Alternative real estate investments are often difficult to acquire financing for if Denverites have bad credit or no credit. Our alternative real estate financing allows people of all Denver’s walks of life to receive alternative investment funds, even for alternative real estate investments that may be quirky or eccentric. At Indicate Capital, we don’t consider ourselves here to tell people they can or can’t do; we consider ourselves here to tell Denverites that, yes, they can.

Alternative Investments Call for Alternative Investment Funds for Denver

Alternative real estate loans for alternative investments can be a tough acquisition, even when the idea and work ethic is there to make an opportunity flourish. This is where Indicate Capital comes in. We want our friends and neighbors in Denver to be able to pursue their good ideas and most of all their dreams, which makes us proud to offer alternative investment funds for people from every walk of life and financial situation.

Denver Loves Our Alternative Real Estate Financing

Denverites appreciate the freedom to choose, and that’s exactly what we offer. At Indicate Capital we offer 0-3 percent origination fees, up to 85 percent Loan-To-Cost ratio (LTC), one to three-year notes, and monthly interest-only payments. These options are attractive because we’ve tailored them specifically for Denverites who value monthly interest-only payments, and low origination fees. More than this, Denverites enjoy our stellar customer service, which we are constantly pushing to rise to the next level.

Alternative Real Estate Loans are Denver’s Solution to Bad Credit/No Credit

Don’t let your credit drag you down! There is never a time that’s worse to be denied a loan than when you need it in a pinch. This could be for a down payment of some kind, or to refinance—there are many situations, but they all have the same problem: risk. Banks don’t like risks and won’t accept collateral. As hard money lenders, we believe you should be able to benefit from the investments you’ve already made. That’s why we do accept collateral, and why Denver’s residents and investors love working with Indicate Capital.

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