We became one of Denver’s premier lending companies by basing our investment financing program on the theory that the current state of the capital markets is keeping savvy investors and business operators from obtaining traditional bank and institutional financing in a timely manner. We are here to help investors like yourselves acquire real estate investments without unnecessary delays. We handle acquisition and bridge loans, cash-out refinance options and value add loans, which allows our skilled financial lenders to make your Denver home or business investment a reality.

Interest Rates in Denver

An interest rate is what lenders in Denver charge for you to use their money. The interest rate is a small percentage of the overall loan and is either fixed or adjustable. Adjustable rates have lower rates early in the loan, which allow purchasing of more expensive properties but can increase over time based on market conditions. Fixed rates in Denver don’t fluctuate, which makes them popular when the market dictates a lower rate or when you want a fixed budget that won’t fluctuate like it would with a variable rate.

Denver’s Secured or Unsecured Loans

Loans in Denver can be either secured or unsecured; what dictates this is whether collateral is involved. Collateral is an asset you put up to secure a loan from a lender. You give something of yours to the lender to hold onto for the life of the loan. This exchange guarantees the lender will be repaid; if you default on the loan, they still have something of yours which can be sold to cover the loss. Unsecured loans in Denver don’t require collateral and have higher interest rates because they are a greater risk for the lender.

The Term of Our Denver Loans

The ‘term’ simply refers to the length of time the lender in Denver has given the borrower to repay the loan, with interest. A residential loan is typically either 15 or 30 years. Student loans often have a 10-year repayment pan, and personal loans are likely one to five years. The longer the term, the higher the interest rate in Denver. Bear in mind that the term is the maximum repayment period, the loan can always be paid off earlier within the term.

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