Since 2016, Indicate Capital has been one of Denver’s leading private lenders for commercial and residential real estate. We do lots of work with start-up companies, and our private money lenders ensure your overall success is the focus when you take out a loan. We are here to fund opportunities for our borrowers like growing Denver businesses, funding bold new endeavors, and creating levels of confidence that can only come through financial security.

Loans for Residential Properties in Denver

When looking for financing for a residential property in Denver, you have many options. People come to us because we have more flexibility than banks. We also work more swiftly than the banks, which get slowed down with paperwork and mandatory bureaucratic steps. We streamlined our process to make sure that the property you are wanting to purchase doesn’t slip away and sell to someone else. Our Denver professionals are here to help you make the purchase and continue with your life as quickly as possible.

Denver-Based Commercial Loans

We have experience working with a multitude of Denver commercial properties. We have worked with apartment complexes, office buildings, warehouses, retail spaces, industrial buildings, and much more. Commercial properties remain a popular investment opportunity because they offer the possibility of high returns. Commercial property management in Denver is more complicated than just sitting back and collecting rent, but laws regarding commercial rentals allow for greater flexibility when drafting contracts, which makes commercial clients easier to work with than residential.

Loans for Denver Self-Storage

Loans for self-storage space in Denver help you obtain more storage space so you can expand your inventory. We provide options that most banks don’t offer and are here to provide you with the business loans to expand your self-storage without overspending. Our self-storage business loans will help your business alleviate an already crowded working or storage space or provide space to store goods in preparation for a business expansion in the future. Reach out to our Denver lenders today, we look forward to working with you.

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