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When Denver’s investors need money in a hurry, sometimes a bank is of no help. Inherently, Banks are institutions that only care about their bottom line, and often having stringent requirements regarding whom they can loan money. Direct lenders have much more freedom when deciding whom they can work with. In fact, companies who deal in direct lender loans are free to choose whom they can and can’t work with, depending more on collateral than interest and repayment.

Denver Needs Short-Term Loans from Experienced Direct Lenders

The great folks who live in Denver experience good times and bad times—like all people do—and when they fall on hard times, some find they aren’t eligible to receive a loan from the people they thought were in the business of lending. Direct lender loans are a great way to circumvent a bad credit or no credit situation. Direct lenders fill a gap in the services other financiers have left open—working with regular Denverites who want to use collateral to acquire a loan. Direct money lenders, like Indicate Capital, are able to extend financial consideration to those who need it most.

When Denverites Want a Hassel Free Private Real Estate Loan, They Call Us

When Denverites want easy short-term loans from experienced direct lenders or a private real estate loan, they call Indicate Capital because we are a private lender that Denverites know they can trust. We offer 0-3 percent origination fees, up to 85 percent LTC, one to three-year notes, and monthly interest-only payments. We can offer these options to our Denverites clients because we’re a direct private lender, which allows us to decide who we work with, not someone else far away in an office. We’re a private lender that Denverites know they can trust in.

Our Staff are Some of the Nation’s Best Direct Money Lenders

Direct private lenders are able to retain excellent staff because excellent staff like the flexibility we have in helping people achieve their financial goals. We love Denver and all its people, and for us, there is no better feeling than being able to say we helped build Denver up. The Front Range offers an amazing amount of diversity, and we love how that’s reflected in Denver. At Indicate Capital, we’re about being able to help everyone, no matter who they are.

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