Do you need a fix and flip loan for an upcoming real estate opportunity? Our hard money lending system works excellent for fix and flip real estate investors. We finance the acquisition, construction, and development processes. Indicate Capital helps real estate investors by providing access to private capital with flexible terms and loan origination requirements. If you are looking to renovate houses for profit, then our short-term financing can help. Real estate offers backed by Indicate Capital close quickly and are as good as cash!

Fix and Flip Real Estate Loan Process & Requirements

The origination process for our fix and flip loan is fast and straightforward compared to traditional lending methods. Large banks such as Wells Fargo require mortgage insurance, origination fees, and lengthy due diligence processes. Our private real estate fund can get investment loans completed when big banks can't. Investors that use our fix and flip loan system enjoy the quick turnaround and flexible terms. Most investors come back to borrow from us again and again. Contact us today, and we may even be able to provide a same-day prequalification letter for your investment opportunity.

Exceptional Lending Services with Indicate Capital

The team at Indicate Capital wants to discuss your real estate investment opportunity. We will work with your individual situation and provide funding on a case-by-case basis. We can finance both the property acquisition and repair costs for the fix and flip project.
Let's talk about what we can accomplish together! Fill out our online loan application or give us a quick phone call.

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