Hard Money Private Lender in Denver, CO

Hard money loans are a great way to get the cash you need, fast. Private lenders have the ability to choose who they work with based on collateral, not based on credit score, so your low credit or no credit situation is of no concern. Hard loans are a way for businesses to work with people who are normal folks. We are hard money lenders who specialize in hard money real estate loans. This means that we’re here to take care of the people of Denver all the time, even during times when their credit isn’t stellar, or when they need the money sooner rather than later.

When Denver Needs A Hard Money Loan from A Private Lender, They Call Us

Private hard money lenders have existed for a long time—surviving even when war or an economic recession pushed out traditional lenders. This is because credit exists as an idea, while material goods are grounded in the real world, allowing people to put them up as collateral for a loan. Our way of doing business has been going on around the world for ages, and it only makes sense to us that it would continue into the present day for the Denverites we love to serve.

We’re Real Estate Hard Money Lenders Who Care About Denverites

A hard loan requires a private hard money lender, and that’s where Indicate Capital comes in. We offer Denverites financial services that aren’t possible with banks. We decide who we work with, not someone else. Not only do we decide which Denverites work with, but we get to set the terms for the loan, and because we want the best for Denverites, we offer excellent terms. Our clients enjoy 0-3 percent origination fees, up to 85 percent LTC, one to three-year notes, and monthly interest-only payments.

Hard Money Real Estate Loans in Denver are Our Specialty

Don’t let life get you down. Just because someone else dictates when and how you can borrow money, doesn’t mean that is how it must be. At Indicate Capital, we believe that Denverites know best, not us. We want you to feel confident that you’re working with the right people when you work with us because we’re real estate hard money lenders who care about the people of Denver. We want you to succeed, because in order for our business to do well, Denverites need to do well.

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