Financing with Indicate Capital: How It Works

Want to finance your next deal with Indicate Capital, but aren’t quite sure how the process works?  Today is your lucky day!  We make applying for and securing both commercial and residential investment real estate loans quick and simple.  As an asset-only based underwriter, our process is unique, timely, fair to you as an investor, and helps you grow your portfolio faster than most programs currently available.

Lets’ start with the basics.  You will need to identity a real estate investment project, commercial or residential.  At Indicate Capital we finance all types of investment real estate deals throughout Colorado.  We start as small as an individual condo cosmetic fix and flip, to an industrial asset renovation /reposition, all the to a fully entitled condo/multifamily development.

As an asset-only based lender, approvals are based strictly on the project and experience for the borrower.  The application process varies on the project but is as simply as sending over your contract and scope of work, that is it!  If you are interested in a project and need to secure a proof of funds letter for your offer, send over the address with purchase price, some details about the project, and we will get the letter and talk to the seller or broker as requested.

Once you have secured a project and gone under contract, it is as easy as emailing us a copy of the executed contract and your scope of work for the project. From there our in-house underwriting team will look at every detail and get back to you with any questions. There are many benefits to this process; first is that you have another set of eyes looking at every deal… asking questions you may not have considered, as well as working with a team that has seen thousands of transactions in the market, has real time data, and first and foremost wants to make sure you make money on your project.

WE DO NOT PULL CREDIT CHECKS OR REQUIRE EXTENSIVE FINANCIALS <— this helps your credit, your time, and helps you get more projects under contract… with minimal headache.

Now that you have submitted your contract and scope of work, you will receive a term proposal within 12-36 hours of your request, deepening on the complexity of your project.  If terms are agreed upon, we will move forward by ordering title.  Once title is ready to close, Indicate Capital is ready to close.  No appraisals (on local residential projects) , no inspections (on residential only), and no nonsense!  We can fund deals in one week comfortably and have even quicker if necessary.

We pride ourselves on customer relations, problem solving, and p[providing an experience unlike the rest!

Want to apply today?  Feel free to give us a call at (303) 567-6334!